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suis generis

​​​​dinner- new menu posted by approximately 4:00 pm each friday


july 10-11, 2020         current limited hours:  6-11 pm friday & saturday with saturday brunch 10am - 2pm!

we are selling our own house-made hand sanitizer - 70% alcohol, with coconut oil & pandan leaf!

smaller dishes   

alaskan halibut -  pan seared with foie gras & lemon; tiki farm mango tomato chutney     11.5 

spanish croquetas - pickled jalapeno & caramelized onion; beef, pork & field pea chili     9

summer salad - greens fresh from the tiki farm - including egyptian, brazilian & lagos spinach, summer choy, amaranth & purslane; with japanese long cucumber, blistered tomato, long beans, parmesan thyme croutons, grilled portobello & grapefruit balsamic dressing    9

fabulous mezze plate - dry cured italian salame, aleppo pepper mint basil dip; mountain cave aged italian montasio cheese, la gruta del sol tres leches cheese, exotic olives, roast red pepper, baguette & pita    13.5

perky pickle plate - ever changing cast of house-made pickles  4.5

larger dishes  

venezuelan white crab lasagna -  jerusilum artichoke; brie, mozzarella & fontina cheese; cremini mushrooms; sautéed spinach & choy; hot fish peppers       18

helmut boudreaux's south louisiana schnitzel -  pan fried tenderized veal laminated with tiki farm ao demaru eggplant; lacto fermented heirloom tomato basil sauce; fontina cheese sauce; salzburg kartoffel salad     17.5

fantabulous fritters - enticing blend of tiki farm squash, tomato, tofu, onions & walnuts; cashew tzatziki sauce; herbed hot fish pepper & lime rice      14     (vegan)

happy endings

gwen's southern cheesecake -     6

houe-made ice cream -  cranberry rose     5.5

Brunch - we will have several brunch specials on may 16!!!!

taco night and brunch temporarily suspended due to covid-19

taco night - every thursday - ask your server about our taco night specials!!

chips with:   tomatillo salsa 4       pico de gallo  4        queso blanco  6       guacamole  7

taquitos:      pollo  2.5                    carnitas  2.75           carne  3                   patata or kimche  2

ensalada del dia:  7.5    add protein or veggies for +3

ceviche del dia:  8

tacos:  pollo  3.25     carnitas  3.5     carne  3.75     pescado del dia  3.75     veggie  3.5

burrito basico (black beans, cheese, tomatillo salsa) with:  pollo  7; carnitas 8;  carne 9; veggie 7.5

burrito super-chupacabra (black beans, rice, two cheeses, pico de gallo, guasacaca, guacamole, sour cream with:  pollo 10; carnitas 11;  carne 12;  veggies 10.5

quesadilla con queso:  5   additional ingredients 1 for 1; 2 for 1.5; 3 for 2; 4 for 2.5

red pepper - green onion - tomatillo salsa - black beans 

other additions: spinach 2.5;  pollo 3;  carnitas 3.5;  carne  3.5

sides:  black beans & rice  4;  sour cream 1;  tomatillo salsa 1;  pico de gallo 1;  guasacaca 1;  
guacamole 2.5

margaritas with house-squeezed juices 6

brunch- every saturday and sunday (note: closed during home saints games)

scrumptious breakfast burrito: chorizo, cilantro mash, house made salsa, mexi & colby cheese, avocado  7.5    add scrambled egg +2      add fresh fruit  +2

eggs bahia:  imagine the music of waves crashing on the beach!  over easy eggs, wilted spinach, patton's hot sausage, grilled corn torilla, black beans, cheese & salsa    11.5

bywater brunch:  choice of eggs; choice of neuske applewood smoked bacon or patton's hot sausage; hash of the day  8.5     add fresh fruit +2

be the omelet:  construct your own omelet with three fillings: spinach, mushroom, green onion, feta, mexi cheese, cheddar cheese, mashed potato, chorizo, neuske applewood smoked bacon, patton's hot sausage, salsa verde, pico de gallo, sour cream     10          each additional ingredient +1

shakshuka:  an israeli favorite!  curry spiced roasted puree of tomato, garlic, pepper, onion with poached eggs, feta cheese & toasted pita     9.5      add spinach  +1.5

pancakes of the moment with fresh fruit:  our daily inspiration   8

breakfast taco:  egg, neuske applewood smoked bacon, pico de gallo, cotija cheese   3.5 for one or two with fresh fruit  8.5         - ask about our other taco specials -

a-la-carte:  1 egg 1.5;  2 egg 2.5;  neuske apple smoked bacon 3;  patton hot sausage 3;  fruit 2.5;   sauteed spinach 3.5; cilantro mash 3;  hash of the day 3.5

house-made pop tart:  3.75

bloody mary suis-g:  fresh herbs spices, sauteed & pureed onion garlic & veggies, to create a glass of sweet spicy pleasure to kick  your morning into high gear!   6.5

hot brazillian santos coffee, perked to perfection   2.5
iced coffee, deliciously strong   2.5
orange juice, fresh squeezed in house   2.5 / 4
mimosa with house squeezed orange juice   5
bellini with stirrings peach liqueur  5
peachy keen: smirnoff, stirring's peach liqueur, lime, cranberry & soda   7
house made lemonade   4.5    with vodka or bourbon  7     

ask your server about our daily brunch specials....

liquor:  we have a full bar with unique range of small batch and interesting bourbon, scotch, whisky, rye, tequilla, vodka, rum, cachaca, catdaddy moonshine, ouzo, port & liquors.