july 12-14, 2024:                 tiki farm items are harvested direct from our very own farm!

                                                    current hours:  6-11 pm friday & saturday; 6-10 pm sunday               
smaller dishes          

ocean duo - louisiana bbq shirmp on baguette w/ nantucket scallop rillettes & tiki farm herbs   17 

farmer's salad - tiki farm summer greens, butter lettuce, tiki farm exotic cucumbers, pickled fennel & celery, watermelon radish, tiki farm purple dragon & parisian carrots, lemon garlic herb puff pastry croutons, roast mushroom vinaigrette     14

duck alchemy - duck fat seared fresh koji cake w/ shallot & garlic, duck prosciutto, oven dried balsamic glazed everglades tomatoes, vichyssoise sauce   15

tempura battered veggie chili stuffed fried half potato - smoked tomatillo & poblano salsa    14     (can be vegan)


fabulous mezze plate - salchichon iberico salami, delice de bourgogne triple cream cheese, point reyes blue cheese, dip du jure, exotic olives, roast red pepper, baguette & pita    16    (add third cheese +4)

perky pickle plate - ever changing cast of house-made pickles   6

larger dishes

pork loin roulade - stuffed w/ tiki farm blackjack & mustard greens feta & mozzarella, house milled heirloom xocoyl rosado grits, sultry lamb & beef gravy      25

antarctic salmon - banana leaf wrapped w/ lemongrass, ginger, leeks, daikon & smoked squash sauce, tiki farm china jade cucumber & celery kimchee couscous     26

vangi bath - an indian delicacy - tamarind spiced rice w/ tiki farm eggplant, edamame, corbaci peppers, nuts, ginger & onion w/ baked soy honey & gochujang marinated hasselback firm tofu, basil & pickled watermelon raita sauce     20.5    (vegan)

happy endings

gwen's southern cheesecake - fresh berries    8

house made ice cream - purple japanese sticky corn coconut w/ tiki bee honey - rootbeer float    7.5

liquor:  we have a full bar with unique range of small batch and interesting bourbon, scotch, whisky, rye, tequilla, vodka, rum, cachaca, catdaddy moonshine, ouzo, port, craft beer, na beer, wine, sake, non-alcoholic beverages, mocktails, etc.

ask about our fabulous mocktails & na beers!!!!

suis generis

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Menu ​changes weekly!

​​​​​​​​​dinner- new menu posted by approximately 4:00 pm each friday