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​​​​​​dinner- new menu posted by approximately 4:00 pm each friday


nov 18-20, 2022        tiki farm items are harvested direct from our very own farm!

current hours:  6-11 pm friday & saturday; 6-10 pm sunday

smaller dishes                        

grilled octopus tartine - house made rosemary focaccia bread, tiki farm chaya pesto, pickled mirliton, oil cured olives, roast garlic    15.5

ambrosia salad - our take on classic americana, tiki farm mixed greens, toasted coconut, cardamom whipped feta, marcona almonds, pomegranate, mandaquat, grapefuit, satsuma, buttermilk & urfa pepper dressing      12.5

moussaka manicotti - from yiaya's kitchen through the contorted brains of our chefs, fire roast leg of lamb, marinated grilled eggplant, slow simmered onion garlic tomato, oregano parmesan bechamel, fresh made pasta   16

fried brussels sprouts - sticky sweet acidic leek jam   11     

fabulous mezze plate - chili vermouth salami, fourme d'ambert french blue cheese, sweetgrass dairy smokin' goat cheese, dip de jure, exotic olives, roast red pepper, baguette & pita    16    (add third cheese +4)

perky pickle plate - ever changing cast of house-made pickles   6

larger dishes

meatloaf constantinople - wagyu beef, pork, preserved lemon, ginger, onin & gochugaru meatloaf w/ sweet soy glaze, curried sweet potatoes   22.5 

miso seafood ramen -  loch etive steelhead trout & scallops, asparagus, turnips, pickled radish, nori, chinise coin leaf, wasabi tobiko, smoked gouda, kombu shrimp mushroom & parmesan rind broth, lotus rice noodles     19.5

vegan pot pie - coconut mushroom gravy, tvp, oyster & crimine mushrooms, edamame, potato & carrot, w/ persimmon date chutney     17       (vegan)    

happy endings

gwen's southern cheesecake - fresh berries     7

house made ice cream -  satsuma creamsicle    6.5

liquor:  we have a full bar with unique range of small batch and interesting bourbon, scotch, whisky, rye, tequilla, vodka, rum, cachaca, catdaddy moonshine, ouzo, port & liquors.