front of house

adrienne bell is the force that drives our daily operations and bar program.

she is often seen combining peppers, spices, herbs and fresh squeezed juices to create unique drinks, house-made syrups and flavor infusions.

our specialty drinks also change with the seasons and ingredients on hand. adrienne's chili margarita has become a staple, and guest favorite.  it was inspired by the beach in tulum, mexico- as our travels often influence our flavor palates. 

if a refreshing cocktail is your preference, the peachy keen may be the right choice.  also don't miss our tiki- inspired specialty drinks served in coconut glassware.

our wine program is rather extensive and reasonably priced, featuring interesting options from france, italy, united states, slovenia, argentina, new zealand, spain & more!

our small batch & craft liquors are also carefully selected to offer interesting & unusual options.

operations manager & bar program:      adrienne bell


back of house

our chefs meet every monday to discuss seasonal items, unusual concepts, and to design the weekly menu.  this round-table think-tank approach is unusual in the restaurant industry - where traditional restaurants are stuck in classic hierarchical structures.  in our kitchen, every voice is heard, and we draw on the diverse culinary backgrounds of our chefs. 

the goal of our executive chef, ernest foundas, is to create an environment of creativity where the unusual is embraced and the words "we can't do that" don't exist.  this "food lab" environment permeates the kitchen and allows our entire team to grow daily through experimentation and by utilizing unique flavor pairings.  we also compost everything, strive to eliminate all waste in our operations & use koji to ramp up flavors!

through this process, we create unusual combinations such as "oxtopus" which is a method of using oxtail fat to "confit" octopus. the flow of diverse ingredients lead the creative process.  throw in a hint of whimsy and we end up with menus such as the sea creature menu, the prince menu or the braised & confused menu. ​ if we can think it, we will do it!

executive chef:     ernest foundas

managing sous:    leigha olson

sous:                      joseph deangelo



why don't we have a fixed menu?       BECAUSE WE HAVE A THIRST FOR CREATIVITY!!!!






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